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Our Story

Question Everything children’s clothing design studio was started in 2010 by Angie Adams out of a love for children, clothes, fun, fabric, music, badges, buttons, shapes and stars. The aim is to design and make a range of classic hand-smocked girls clothes (and some boys clothes), with a modern twist. Our emphasis is on great design, comfortable fabrics and the highest quality of hand-made craft work.


We are so much more than the work we do, the products we make, it’s about how we do it, which is what makes us Question Everything.



Punk Rocking to Frock Smocking - Meet the Question Everything Team

Founder of Question Everything, qualified homeopath, former all-girl rock band drummer, and mother of three: Angie Adams is a creative force with a deep soul. Born in Manila to a Filipino mother and English father, Angie came to the UK aged 11. Years later, when she had her own children, she wanted to source children’s clothes that were ethically made, comfortable to wear, practical to maintain, and beautiful to look at, and couldn’t find the right product,so she launched the award-winning Question Everything brand in 2012.

What Inspired you to Start QE? Angie Adams - I went to London College of Fashion and always wanted to do something in fashion since I was a child. I have always loved fashion and clothes; mostly alternative and underground style, vintage dresses and charity shops and finding cool things in markets. I like people that have original style and that dare to be different, people who express themselves with what they wear and are just authentically themselves.

After I was in a band and had my own children I started designing clothes for them and having them made in the Philippines when visiting my family. I got so many compliments that I thought it might be a good business idea.

My Aunt who was a successful entrepreneur in the Philippines gave me a lot of support and encouragement and helped to show me the ropes. She came to London and did my first trade show with me. I owe it all to her! Family is everything.” 

In 2020, during the pandemic, she needed more support to maintain and grow the brand and brought in her talented, dear friend and fellow mother, Bridget Shah, as Managing Director. 

How did you Meet Bridget? Angie Adams -  “We met in London years ago. We actually lived across the street from each other near Portobello Road and had mutual friends. We started playing music together and we formed an all girl punk band Fluffy, signed to Virgin Records and toured the world together, supporting Iggy Pop, Foo Fighters and opening for the Sex Pistol’s reunion tour in Japan.”

What Inspired you to Work for QE? Bridget Shah - Angie is my best friend and I consider her family - I used to help out at the beginning and soon grew very fond of what she was doing and respected all the hard work she has put into the business, plus I love the dresses! She needed more help and it was obvious for me to play a bigger part in the growth of the company.”

Favourite All time piece from QE?  

Bridget - “Luna Liberty Print SS22, or one of the earlier quirky ones, my daughter loved the Kitty dress with the cool cat fabric.” 

Angie -  “I love the more fun dresses and items we do with animals and flamingoes and stars. I also love some of the Liberty print dresses as the fabric is just so beautiful.”

What is Your Favourite Colour? 

Angie - “Powder blue, navy blue, baby dusky pink.”

Bridget - “Baby Blue.”

What is Your Favourite Item of Clothing?

Angie - “A Dress.”

Bridget - “A Dress.”

What is Your Favourite Shop?

Angie - “A vintage market crossed with Selfridges.”

Bridget - “A small boutique in downtown New York or Tokyo.”


What is Your Favourite Band or Artist?

Angie - “Iggy and the Stooges, David Bowie, The Ramones, Jazmin Bean.”

Bridget - “David Bowie.”

What is Your Favourite Movie?

Angie - “Pretty in Pink, The Wizard of Oz , and Little Women.”

Bridget - “Alice in Wonderland.”

What is Your Favourite Smell or Perfume?

Angie - “Jasmine flowers, candy, strawberry, City summer breeze.”

Bridget - “something floral, jasmine.”

Where Do You See Question Everything Going in the Next 5 years?

Angie - “We are planning on expanding sales in the US and developing our online offer. We are excited about the future!”

Bridget - “We are focused on growing our collections and establishing new collaborations, as well as increasing sales within new markets.”


Ethical manufacture and community support

Question Everything believes in an ethics based approach to trade and aims to support local communities with production operating out of a family run business in Manila and smocking hand stitched by women in the Batangas village community. Find out more about our ethical approach to manufacture.


Protecting disadvantaged children

We support Childhope Philippines, with donations of money, food, clothes and educational resources for less fortunate children. Childhope Philippines seeks to support and secure justice for street and working children in the Philippines. Find out more about Childhope Philippines here