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Supporting street children in the Philippines

Reflecting Angie’s background in the Philippines and the fact that we make children’s clothes, we’ve chosen to support Childhope Philippines.

When Angie first moved back to England, one thing she really noticed was that there are no street children in the UK. In cities in the Philippines, it’s a major problem. In the Manila region alone there are an estimated 30,000 children on the streets, with a total of 250,000 on the streets of major urban centres across the country. From available studies, most are boys aged 7 to 16 years, but 30% are girls who are at particular risk of maltreatment, abuse or exploitation. About 25% of the total street child population are either children who are without guardians (children living and working on the streets, often as a result of running away from home or being abandoned), or are children of street-based families. The third group, and some 75% of the total, are community-based children, who return home daily to their families after working or begging on the streets – although they often will not have access to formal education, as they take to the streets during the day so that their families can eat. Read more about founder, and former rock star Angie Adams.

Childhope Philippines

Having researched different charities and NGOs supporting such children, we decided that Childhope Philippines was the organisation which has the biggest impact on improving young people’s lives in the country. Founded as Childhope Asia Philippines in 1995, the non-profit organisation changed its name to Childhope Philippines in 2013. Locally incorporated in the Philippines, it works with and on behalf of street children on a range of projects.

Finding somewhere safe to go for the day

Angie met Childhope Philippines on a visit to Manila, and was amazed by the work that they do. In their Street Education programme, they provide mobile teaching vans, which give the children somewhere to go for the day. For the most vulnerable children they provide a warm meal and essential healthcare such as immunisation, as well as education. Angie said: “When you see what they do, it’s incredible, and it makes a real difference to children living in the worst circumstances. I’ve met some of the children who’ve been helped by the organisation; they even support kids to go to university, transforming these young lives.”

The mobile learning bus which is taken around the city

One of the teachers with the children

Angie’s son helping out with the Childhope music program

Angie on a visit with the street children during learning session

Your support help us support Childhope Philippines

By buying our garments, our customers help Question Everything to support local communities in the Philippines in two ways. As well as our donations of money, food, clothes and educational resources to Childhope Philippines, all the smocking on our garments is hand-stitched by a community of women in Batangas province south of Manila. Find out about our ethical approach to making children’s clothes.