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Ethically Manufactured

Quality work comes from treating workers well

One thing that we always have an answer for here at Question Everything is our approach to the ethical manufacturing of our garments.
Angie’s background in the Philippines rests at the heart of our manufacturing process. Although Angie’s mum now lives in London, she is originally from the country. Angie’s English dad still lives in Manila, where she also has extended family. When she was originally setting the company up, Angie was determined that her business would give something back to the Philippines. Find out more about founder Angie Adams.

Happy workers make great clothes

The factory which manufactures Question Everything’s clothes is located in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Our priority was to find a family-run business where the workers were treated properly. We believe that quality work comes from treating workers well. The factory is clean, safe and well-regulated; working hours are prescribed, and workers have paid holiday and sick leave. Angie has met everyone at the factory, regularly visiting the site to review conditions and ensure that workers remain happy to work there.

Saving a specialist craft

Smocking is a dying art, and has become a specialist craft. The factory engages with local craftswomen in villages in Batangas province, south of Manila, who hand-stitch the smocking. Patterns are cut at the factory, then the cloth is sent to the community where local women parcel out the smocking work between them. Many of the women working in this part of the process are mothers working from home. The extra income which they receive helps to sustain communities, and more easily allows mothers to combine raising their family with paid work.
By buying our garments, our customers help Question Everything to support local communities in the Philippines in two ways. As well as approach to ethical manufacturing, we also make donations of money, food, clothes and educational resources to Childhope Philippines. Find out more about Childhope Philippines.