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Article: Punk Rock Inspired - Get the Look

Punk Rock Inspired - Get the Look

Punk Rock Inspired - Get the Look

by Angie Adams  (Question Everything founder & designer)

 Here at QE we have Punk Rock in our hearts and souls. As some of you may know I was a drummer in an all girl punk rock band and Bridget our QE business manager was the guitarist. 

We are still rocking together making beautiful dresses and that spirit is still part of everything we do so I thought it would be fun to put together a punk rock get the look featuring our Bijoux Tartan Dress.

I love then punk rock spirit because it allows you to be who you want to be and to make your own style rules outside what might be considered typically stylish or beautiful. It has its own beauty and style which challenges convention. 

I believe everyone should be allowed to be themselves and express themselves genuinely without discrimination and for me the punk rock spirit helped to define those ideals many years ago. 

Tartan was worn by Punks in the 70s and is still part of Punk Rock inspired fashion today. 

During the punk movement in 1970s London and New York City the bright red Royal Stuart tartan was a symbol of upper crust, genteel England. Punks wanted to incite a reaction from those members of society, so they took that fabric and cut it, shredded it, ruined it. This use of tartan was essentially a revolt against the establishment, and thats why red plaid is associated with punk fashion.

We believe in of creating your own kind of beautiful and having lots of fun doing so, hence our motto is:

 "Dress up, dress down, dress differently, and most importantly, dress with attitude and have fun!”

Musical inspirations: Joan Jett, David Bowie and The Ramones


Be your truest self and shine bright!



For a fun punk inspired look try this combo:

Kid's Dr. Martens boots in patent leather, a biker jacket like the one pictured from Zara decorated with some cool badges. To soften the look add in some cute socks with girly bows and add some kid friendly coloured hairspray to finish off this fun and playful look. Hair inspo: blue hair punk girl


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